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25 08 2012
Sanjay Kumar

feed back form

22 09 2012
nesrin chamma

Im sick and tired of my chicken and chips are always cold/warm.

21 12 2012
darlene barboza

we went to kfc tonight for a meal,your staff gave us the wrong thing in our order. we were supposed to get 2 burgers & 2 twisters. we got 4 burgers. very disappointing.

31 12 2012

The meal we had was so small hardly any chips very disappointing ..

3 01 2013

Prime burger, awesome customer service by Bec in KFC devonport.

7 02 2013

Too many wings in the giant feast and chips not filled up properly.

8 02 2013

Belmont kfc better tasting burgers than most

22 02 2013
Ms Mallika Sirisena

KFC has an on going promotion for this week. Zinger Burgers are going for $ 3.00

I went to KFC outlet at Clementi Mall on 21st Feb around 12 noon and placed my order. ( A take away)To my surprise, the counter staff charged me $ 4.00

There were no adverts other then “Students Specials” adverts placed outside that I could bring the staff’s attention to. (mind you, there were no coupons to be exchanged). I just paid up

Staff at counter were evidently not briefed.They have no knowledge of what is going on. Very auto. I may add!

It’s not so much for the money, but then KFC did advertiseboth in the papers and on TV. So why then the difference ?

Care to enlighten me?

Thank you

7 10 2013
Joseph bangura

I love KFC Hobart it’s not because I am black which probably means I love chicken.. But I love everything about the shop hot staf, And there is a fucking TV with music playing WTF they don’t have that shit at macdonalds that’s why I love KFC

10 10 2013
mark currey

the food and service was fantastic

14 10 2013
Abhishek miskin

I love d ricebowl of kfc ..

24 10 2013
Halima Belcaid

love eating KFC

24 10 2013
Tracey Allington

love the wicked wings

25 10 2013
Wayne Sheehan

Once again a yummo meal for my lunch/dinner. Just like I remember it was like. Great staff, very helpful and made me aware of the great deals available.

28 10 2013
Cheryll Myers

really enjoy KFC plus staff are very helpful

29 10 2013
Lisa Griffin

The food & service @ Riverlink Shopping Centre was excellent.

30 10 2013
Benicia Dennett

Its not letting me get the code plz help me

30 10 2013
Lisa Griffin


30 10 2013
S rae

Very angry didnt get what i ordered whats the point in placing an order when KFC staff just pack whatever they feel like giving at the time

31 10 2013
Sue Patterson

I am a very regular buyer of your 3pc Wicked Wings, just the right snack during the day. However I am finding that there are a lot of inconsistencies with the sizes of the pieces, and of the overall quality of the wings. In some stores, the wings are great, while in others, they can be cold, oily, none left, or I could get three of the same type of piece in the box. I work in an area which covers south of the Brisbane river, out to Goondiwindi, south to Tenterfield and then over to the coast so I do see a good cross section of stores.

4 11 2013
Marco Digiacomo

Really bad this time

6 11 2013
Lyne Whatley

KFC is delicious, it’s the best

9 11 2013

I am not happy that you are thinking of taking the crispy strip off the market this is the only chicken that I can get my grandson to eat as he has autism and he won’t eat any fruit and veggies . I have tried him on the boneless chicken but he won’t even touch it . I have tried it and to me it’s the same as original but without the bones and just as oily not nice to eat chicken like this .
All I am asking is please leave the crispy strips on the market as I buy 8-10 pieces per day for my grandson to eat thank you Matilda.

12 11 2013
tracie latter

Love kfc. Would like to be able to request no legs or wings etc if not required instead of having to have them when none of kids will est them.

13 11 2013
Jack cooney

Wednesday night 13/11 time 6.25pm i brought a meal containing 1 w/wing 10p and 1 piece breast hot’n spicy I get home which is in Labrador 30mins away just too find out I had received 7 pieces not 10 and over cooked and a Original piece of chicken it was a breast through not hot’spicy I don’t buy my kfc in Labrador cause th service is crap plus I done buy KFC in beenleigh cause there really bad at everything so it leaves me loganholme store number 9856 which is really th best store I have found I don’t eat mac’s hungry jacks red rooster I love KFC which i eat at least 4 times a week I wish th young staff take a little more time getting it rite instead off playing around laughing etc in general u guys do a good job well done loganholme 9856 my receipt number 2244

17 11 2013
Brenton Cox

Great service and friendly staff. Very quick service, was a pleasure to go through the drive through service.

18 11 2013
Olga Mahfoud

Hi, service was prompt and cashier was very welcoming. Although toilets are being renovated, temporary toilets were clean. Food was very fresh and well presented. Very happy with KFC Gratten st Carlton.

18 11 2013
shaik afzal ahmed

Issue is solved by the Manager Arya.

20 11 2013
Nicolette McCabe

Great service at at the new Springfield Orion KFC.
Friendly and efficient

22 11 2013

I love KFC very tasty. So far soo good…

22 11 2013
Martine Kaissis

I really like KFC, great tasty food and service.

22 11 2013

Very tasty enjoyed the rusher and a great value and fast delivery the chips could of been cooked a bit more with chicken salt on top but apart from that all good

22 11 2013

it was so good.Build a big place so that it can afford many customers.

22 11 2013


23 11 2013

Bad customer services

23 11 2013
Nathan Baker

The service at your Gawler, SA was appalling on Saturday, 23rd November 2013. The service was very slow, I waited in line for over ten minutes and did not receive my meal until 5 minutes after that.

23 11 2013
Angie Dimitriou

Fast and efficient service

24 11 2013

Kwinana KFC Western Aus slow service waited 20 minutes for my meal in the drive thru

24 11 2013

At 530 this afternoon I was served at KFC Acacia Ridge.

Having been a KFC manager in the past, I know how important feedback is. Honest feedback, good or bad. So my all round experience was this.

I was served on front counter by Naia. Her service was just short of excellent and only because I know champs like the back of my hand. Naia was extremely helpful and quiet pleasant. Smiling consistently the only thing she forgot to do was make mention of my serviettes etc. She was great.
The girl who packed for her was very fast and while she was wearing a hairnet still had her earrings in.

Unfortunately my food was not fresh and I seriously doubt within its 1.5hr holding time. I expect this was due to the early pack up Id noticed. The top henny penny used for the non perforated tray product was empty and all chicken being stored in the below section.

I hope my feedback comes handy to the store and area manager and that Naia is recognised for her fantastic work.

Tell Sharon in Capalaba Central I said hi! πŸ˜‰


27 11 2013

Quick service and a good meal deal

28 11 2013
Vaopuka O'Brien

Very happy with the service thank you

30 11 2013
lawrence norman

I love kfc always have started munching as a kid and know at 46 I am still at it went to the branch on the bruce hwy this morning and the original pieces dsoes it for me yum yum cheers Lawrie

30 11 2013
lawrence norman


30 11 2013
Jason Miles

You resturant at redbank plains had no drinks in fridge at 5.30 pm on Saturday . I got an orange juice out of a box and was hot ! Two staff at counter and line up out the door ! Always a hassle to get a meal at this store !

1 12 2013
John Charlesworth

I recently dined in the Port Augusta restaurant. The food was fine, however I was shocked that the counter staff excepted the cash then proceeded to pack the meal,without cleaning their hands.
This practice can spread infectious des eases.
I was also shocked that the other service attendant scratched the side of their face then directly proceeded to pack their next order.
I believe that this hiegene practice should not be acceptable in any kitchen

1 12 2013
jenny barber

cannot believe springwood store has run out of original chicken, this is a chicken place!!! this has happened at morningside store to us before too, just shocking

2 12 2013
Adam Chapman

The Service was great as the staff apologised for the wait and it couldn’t have been more the a minute and done with a smile which is always good. Well done.

2 12 2013
Gary Rutte

All was good except staff forgot my drink,so i had to drive through again!

3 12 2013
Yasmin Richardson

Not enough staff managing the registers. Four registers two staff

3 12 2013
Josh Cornell

It’s some pretty good food keep it up

3 12 2013

Bring. Back lunch deal

3 12 2013

Fast, grate service and they had chicken cooked this visit.

3 12 2013
music nerd

my kfc has the friendliest staff.

3 12 2013

Meals to be cooked a little faster

3 12 2013

The staff was great and the service was awesome! Keep up the good work KFC Kingsmeadows πŸ™‚

4 12 2013


4 12 2013

A $2 menu would be good and frozen drinks, also the chips needs something extra (like red rooster) a more power punch flavour and more of it.. But all in all pretty tasty πŸ˜›

4 12 2013

KFC is nice

4 12 2013

Food was good except like always no seasoning on the chips!

4 12 2013
Shae Bolog


4 12 2013
Tamar McAllan

Sweet sesame crunch is awful. Nothing but overcooked original recipe with a drizzle of sugar syrup and a tiny sprinkle of sesame seeds to try and make it look like something edible. Very very disappointed!

4 12 2013
Sue Trevaskis

Person on box was taking new order while completing my payment. It was confusing as I did’t know if she was talking to me or other car. Then we had to wait for 9 minutes for our order.

4 12 2013
Chloe Hatward

Food taste great

5 12 2013
Bruce geary

We just had a original burger meal my wife and myself the was meal was terrible and the staff need some people skills

5 12 2013
Stephen Mannes

Hi guys,
Just had a great lunch at the kangaroo flat store in Bendigo Victoria. This was largely due to the friendly service I received from Jacob (I think that was his name), anyhoo a friendly chap who wasn’t afraid to show a little personality.
On a completely different note, how’s this for an idea? KFC Cannon Balls; like popcorn chicken but with the “hot n spicy” coating. Alternatively they could have a mash and cheese fill.
Anyhoo thanks for taking the time to read this email and all the best, oh and merry Christmas too!

7 12 2013
Benjamin Gilbert

Thats a brilliant idea with the Popcorn chicken

5 12 2013


5 12 2013
Neishy kennedy

Fast service, happy customers

5 12 2013

i love kfc

6 12 2013

It was good

6 12 2013

Great service at Cleveland

7 12 2013
Cheryl Jones

Great service, friendly staff and great product.

7 12 2013
Caterina Zaffino

Very fast service with great specials on offer

7 12 2013
Caterina Zaffino

Very quick service friendly staff

7 12 2013
Benjamin Gilbert

KFC kurri kurri is an amazing restraunt providing really good tasting chicken every time

7 12 2013
Jack Dowdney

Very fast service and good quality food good work.

7 12 2013
Carol Mason

Asked for 2 combo meals with a lemon drink ended up with 2 extra drinks that we had paid extra for.Are all your staff trained to be incompetent! By the way the meals were cold

7 12 2013

I dined at kfc at flemington race course rd I walked in to the restaurant and could smell the fine aroma of delicouse food. I was greeted by a nice wome€ who I assume was a manager The women was very polite and I was happy with the service. My order was served quick and was very nice I wish to thankyou I enjoyed dining at your restaurant Thankyou. πŸ™‚

8 12 2013
Mark Fuller

Attended your store in Penrith Westfield. Poor service, no serviettes or straws given with our meals. So slow. Had to ask for chips to be salted and I don’t think I was smiled at once. Plus had to wait for a burger while chips got cold.

8 12 2013
Timothy McMaster

Rockhampton qld 4702

The guys at KFC Rockhampton are doing a great job but I feel they are putting to much focus on the drive through and not enought on the instore customers

8 12 2013
Jordyn kearney

I have always had a lovely service. And I love how good the chips are πŸ™‚

8 12 2013
Heidi ann Smaller

Cessnock kfc does not know how to cook chips they are always soggy . And they do not know how to have fresh lettuce for there burgers the lettuce is always brown They need to pick there act up When I have asked them about it they say there is a timer for the chips what they need to remember is that when you put frozen chips in the hot oil the temp drops so you need to leave them in longer they so no when the timer goes of they are ready NO THEY ARE NOT .And for the lettuce fresh is best no yesterdays very unhappy with this KFC .Maybe I need to work there to show them how it is done . Hope someone is able to help with this one

8 12 2013
aiden Danvers

Good food

8 12 2013

Thanks for my dinner it was yummy

9 12 2013
Marcus Rhook

This kfc was delicious and I love the new boxes.

9 12 2013
Damien indika jayatilaka

I would like to have 5 & meal back ! It’s quick! Easy and economical meal in my busy day at work

9 12 2013
Heather Ashton

We just tried the sesame chicken. Loved the taste of the crust but the chicken was so dry it was difficult to swallow. My husband has hiccups.

9 12 2013
elizabeth dunne


9 12 2013


9 12 2013
Peter Moore

Caloundra KFC. Ordered wrap with chilli sauce, got teryaki. Ordered Bacon and cheese fillet burger, got plain fillet burger, They didnt care when we told them, didnt even say sorry or offer replacements. Never again

9 12 2013

I love KFC it’s yummy all the time,I purchase

13 12 2013
Sid Milne

Of all the food I like to eat
KFC is hard to beat
Its golden brown and crunchy skin
makes you feel good and warm within
licking your fingers to enjoy the taste
excites your senses to eat more with haste
when its over and the bones you caress
you think to yourself “Gees I made a mess!”
the last little bits you pick of the floor
and scratch through the box for just a bit more
when its all over and things look bleak
so sad you feel but I will buy more next week
Sid 2013

9 12 2013

Always I get good service,love KFC,u the best…

10 12 2013

Great food

10 12 2013

Didn’t get napkin straw and spoons in any of our meals

10 12 2013
Anna Fitzsimmons

Majority of the time great customer service.

10 12 2013

Grouse vaule

10 12 2013

Foods price is high.

11 12 2013
Bronson Wessels

Good feed.

11 12 2013
Braydon Midson

My food was freshly cooked and was great

11 12 2013
Jemma Patullo

My wrap was great thanks KFC

11 12 2013

More salt please πŸ™‚

11 12 2013

Great customer service best chips out πŸ™‚

11 12 2013

We got the mix and match and i would rate it 7/10

12 12 2013
Sandie Thompson

Very happy with the service at the hillcrest store

12 12 2013
Melissa Robertson

I come to maryborough vic 3465 kfc often but never get the meal how I ordered it. Would appreciate staff that listen to what you want

13 12 2013

Love the chips

14 12 2013

KFC rocks

16 12 2013
Mark Albrecht

Hot and spicy wasn’t cooked properly still red come on people its chicken not that hard !!

16 12 2013
Donna Bennett

Freshly cooked and service excellent

16 12 2013

Kfc has nice food

16 12 2013
Amie white

Slow service at Palmerston nt

16 12 2013
Joan Gage

The meals are small and the chips are only half masked staff are rude

16 12 2013
Brad McMahon

Finger licking good. Love the taste of the secretly herbs and spices

16 12 2013
Nathan Gannon

Food is too burnt

17 12 2013
Pierre Chalhoub

KFC sunny holt rd
Very good

17 12 2013

Love the Zinga

17 12 2013

Love the zinger burger

17 12 2013

Love it

17 12 2013

Love the burgers

17 12 2013
Anne Gowman

love the $9.95 Tuesday deal.

17 12 2013

The pictures and advertising of the boneless chicken is false advertising as the pieces are no way as big as shown in the pictures . They are no bigger than a nugget! And made from thigh. Not value for money at all! Very disappointed.

17 12 2013
Deva stephen raj

KFC s best prices….and best quality. staff all r good communication and personalized service

17 12 2013
hugo weston

Golden gay time crushers- amazing

19 12 2013

Customer service was good

19 12 2013
nerin kelly

We all love KFC as our special treat especially on cheap tuesdays and the snack boxes when money is tight sometimes there is no salt on the chips though and this is disappointing as the salt you use is yummmmmy!

19 12 2013
Cracknell family

Too hot , no air conditioning in eatery.

19 12 2013


19 12 2013

Taste good,love it

19 12 2013

i love spicy recet is the best

20 12 2013
Samantha Mambira

Kfc rocks I love the zinger and chips πŸ™‚

20 12 2013

It was nice but there were no cookies in my krusher

20 12 2013
kylie Brown

I visited Kfc store in Corio Vic and have found them to have no care facter for the way my meal was packed the lid came of my potatoe n gravy was split n went all over the boxes in the bag,also there were no napkins ect so i had nothing to clean it up.Also the chips are only half full.One of the staff members said the F word twice and i thought i was hearing things until my 10year old grandaughter said something.Her mannerism was very poor wich led to half my order missing.I do hope something gets done as we get kfc once a week from there. I look forward to your reply Thanku Regards Kylie

20 12 2013

its super goooooood ….i love KFC

20 12 2013

Kfc is good

21 12 2013
John Hampton

KFC @ Westfield Warrawong worst food and worst service I’ve experienced EVER! Keep your free chips and drink too as I will never eat there again! Shameful!

21 12 2013
Charene Garnett

We love KFC but they always forget our sweet and sour sauce

21 12 2013

Great service! Very fast though drive thru! Nice and hot fresh tasting food!

22 12 2013

Loved my twister (large bbq wrap)!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

22 12 2013
Chelsea Aroha

really good omg going again for sure

22 12 2013

Not bad

22 12 2013

I like KFC.

22 12 2013
Tim Clayden

Have been through the drive through at kfc Grovedale many many times so often am short changed with meal deals with things missing from meals, can never be bothered having to return to stores! !!!!

22 12 2013
Raymond John Lindholm

asked for no wings or drumsticks original staff very amicable and pleasant

22 12 2013

Not happy 15 min wait

22 12 2013

absolutely disgusted,BP Burpengary Southbound,ordered 2x 5 wing packs original,no original,so i ordered hot and spicy,only enough for 1 pack of 4 and they added a wicked wing to make up numbers.I asked if they were cooking any more original wings,they said no,24 hr outlet and they said no.To top it of 1 hour later my wife and i were as sick as dogs.Not happy and will we letting everybody know.

23 12 2013

It was amazing and delicious

23 12 2013
Nathan Marshall

Good quick serviced food

23 12 2013
Nathan Marshall

Good quick serviced food!

23 12 2013
Bernadette wescombe

KFC is always cold and dried out at KFC decagon Brisbane team members are not friendly or pleasant and can never seem to get your order correct ask for extra seasoning on chips but never get what I ask very disappointing when u arrive home with a different order to what you asked for then have to go back to get it fixed

23 12 2013

I like your food

25 12 2013
hashir hussain

good food

26 12 2013
Scott Gardiner

Went into kfc and received the wrong food not happy

26 12 2013
Mathew fletcher

Love your nuggets, but sometimes seem like the are in baymarie to long as can be very dry. Love you chips with extra salt

26 12 2013

Thank you for the good that you supply, at this KFC store.
I love the twisters tat you make! They are… Oh my god! There so good!
Thank you
– Patrick.

26 12 2013

I like KFC, my favourite is the twister combo.

26 12 2013


26 12 2013
Ben Haynes

Very disappointed that I have been to two stores lately for lunch and your stores are plastered with advertising for the australian cricket team yet on both occasions staff refused to put on the cricket on the instore tv’s. Being a major sponsor and your support the aussies slogan I would have thought channel v would be less of a prority instore over the cricket.

Thank – you

28 12 2013

Yeah brah

7 03 2014
Amy Anderson


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